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Riptide Swim Spa Development Process

2002I developed 4 unique self contained exercise pools with Rio Plastics of Texas, the smallest 15' and the largest 19'6, in a range called Rapid River. The pools were made in Belgium by a company called Aqamonde. The advantage of my design was enjoying the benefits of swimming in your own garden, in a single, compact unit which could be delivered, moved and relocated by Hiab. In 2002 this was all cutting edge!

2004In 2004 I moved the manufacture of exercise pools to the UK where I further developed the range to include the Aqua Pro which spawned the current Riptide Rapid River pool, the most powerful turbulence and bubble free exercise pool made anywhere in the world. Purchasers of the Aqua Pro included UK prime ministers, Triathletes and Olympic swimmers. In 5 years over 500 units were sold across Europe.

2007Rapid River Ltd was sold to the production staff who ran it, and the company was proudly owned by Mr Andy Martin and his partner Mr Matt Middleton, under whose stewardship the company continued to go from strength to strength.

2008The development of Rapid River was always about performance, swim experience, good exercise and robust products. Rapid River tick every box there, but a new market was emerging which was not 100% swim orientated. New customers were looking for exercise, but also looking for a hot tub to relax in - all in one unit. I wasn't happy with the spas available from existing suppliers, so I set about developing a new range.

2009When investigating manufacturers for my new designs I was quickly left in no doubt that the only country with companies able to make pools to my specifications, within the margins that are essential to be competitive, is China. A long time was spent contacting manufacturers initially via the internet, discussing design specs and getting a feel for which companies to visit personally.

2010A month was spent in China meeting manufacturers, inspecting factories and following up on their references, which resulted in a co-operation to develop 6 unique moulds for Riptide Swim Spas. Most importantly, every aspect of production has been under the microscope to ensure that the quality of manufacture is the best it can possibly be, and that Riptide swim spas are robustly made, economical to own and fun to use all year round.

Riptide Swim Spas ready to leave the factoryOur Swimming Spas ready to leave the factoryI visit the factory regularly, and together with Tommy Lin, our Chinese production and quality control manager, supervise the production, holding their hands during the whole manufacturing process. I am more than satisfied that a Riptide Swim Spa will exceed all of your expectations, and give you many years of pleasure and enjoyment.

Huw Chivers, owner designer Huw Chivers

Owner & Designer
Riptide Pools

Tommy Lin, China Production and Quality ControlTommy Lin

Production & QC
Riptide Pools

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