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Custom Made Options

Custom options on our swim spas do not increase the price as much as you might expect. Getting exactly what you want, and still delivered within 12 weeks, is the Riptide Promise.

4 counter-current options

  1. 4/6 round swimjets  
  2. 4 wide mouth jets manual adjustment
  3. 4 wide mouth jets via a varible speed drive
  4. 10 hp 10" high volume pro swim jet with variable speed drive.

Electricity and pump options

  • Choose 3 phase or single phase electric supply
  • We can cap the pool's amperage to only 21 amps, by only fitting 4 round swimjets via a diverter.
  • Circulation can be set to run 2 hours in every 12, or 4 hours in every 12,  right up to 24/7

Shell, cabinet and cover options

  • 4 Aristech shell colours
  • 3 cabinet colours and 3 matching cover colours

Entertainment, relaxation and fitness options

  • Integrated transducer speaker system, IN.STREAM bluetooth, subwoofer and amplifier will turn your pool into a party
  • Colour changing outside corner lights
  • Extra internal stainless steel hand rails to aid exercise

Stunning custom sliding deck cover option

Other options

What else do you have in mind? Please ask - we can probably do it!

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Pool Bike System

Exercise Pool Bike

Enjoy the pleasure of training against the resistance of water, with the Pool Bike, which helps build strength in core muscles, legs and glutes, whilst improving stamina and burning calories.

This piece of apparatus is manufactured from high quality Nylon and Fibreglass, which makes it impossible for the bike to corrode, giving years of hassle-free operation.

Riptide Swim Spas and Swimming Pools are Designed in the UK
Riptide Swim Spas are available in dealerships worldwide Find a Dealer
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