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Manta Standard Swim Spa

The Riptide Manta Swim Spa

Manta Exercise Pool Overview

The Riptide Manta Standard is the largest combined swim and spa in the Riptide range, and is fantastic when used as both exercise pool and hot tub.

Manta Exercise Pool Overview

The Manta Standard features a four pump, four jet counter-current - all four jets are each individually powered by their own pumps, to give maximum swim resistance. The lowermost wide-mouth jet is specifically designed to give the swimmer buoyancy. All the jets in the spa end have stainless steel escutcheons, and are air controlled

The constrasting swim line provides a point of reference, which when combined with the backlighting on the jets themselves, helps to maintain a central position in the swim stream.

Manta Exercise Pool Overview

Fully Featured, Luxurious Spa - The fantastic hot tub end of the Riptide Manta has comfortable seating for two and features 14 individually adjustable, high-powered hydromassage jets with attractive stainless steel escutcheons. The spa experience in the Manta is comparable to that of a dedicated hot tub.


Colour Choices

Manta Std Exercise Pool Specs


Dimension Options 5.9m x 2.28m x 1.56m
Water Capacity 8410 Litres
Dry Weight 1400kg
Jets Swim End: 4 wide mouth counter-current jets with 2,200 gallons per min power output, Spa End: Between 32 high power jets with stainless steel escutcheons, depending on model
Pumps 2 x 4HP 1 Speed pumps, 2 x 3HP pumps, 1 x 1.5HP Air Blower
Power Supply 48 amps
Shell Options Aristech in Ocean Wave, Silver White Marble, Midnight or Sand (Sand not available in 6.9m)
Frame Galvinised Steel
Cabinet Options Maintenance free UV resistant synthetic wood in Coffee or Grey
Circulation Pump 1 HP
Heat & Filtration 3kW heater, sand filter system, corona discharge Ozone system
Shell Insulation 100mm 2lb closed cell foam, plus reflective insulation boards fitted to all sides and floor, with airtight heat lock cabinet
Lid Fully insulated heavy-duty Humpback Thermal cover in choice of Clay or Grey vinyl
Control System Fully integrated Gecko programmable control system for circulation and filtration
Lighting Underwater LED lighting, Multi Point perimeter LED lighting system, LED backlit counter current jets
Optional Extras Cover Basket Lifter
Transducer speaker music system with sub woofer and IN.STREAM blue tooth
Colour Matched Steps
Super Swim Pro swimrod system inc stainless steel base
Stainless steel support bars
For complete pool control from anywhere in the world add the IN.TOUCH remote wifi communication system
Warranty 5 year limited Warranty

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Pro Control System

Nautilus Pro control system

The exclusive, German designed, backlit LCD control panel found on the Nautilus, Atlantis, Manta Pro and Rapid River allows for 10 steps of power adjustment, for fine tuning to suit all swimmers.

Humpback Cover System

Humpback Cover

All Riptide models are now supplied with our Humpback Covers, which are built with a rise in the middle of the cover, encouraging rain water to fall away, greatly reducing water ingress and staining to the cover material. The Humpback Cover also has added thickness for improved insulation over other pool covers.



Covers come in 2 colours to match the Riptide shell colour options.

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